Chris Ashley, Untitled (Transit, Windows, Ribbons), 2005, HTML, 500 x 460 pixels

- tom moody 1-21-2005 9:40 pm

Chris has been doing extra nice stuff lately and I'm glad he makes mention on his blog that the vocabulary and way of thinking about this kind of drawing is almost exactly the same as painting--well at least the kind of painting that he tunes into. Remember New York Stories (?) and the one about this gallery assistant whose work (photographs) she anonymously submits to her boss and there are so totally bagged leaving the assistant embarrassed/furious. Well, faint in my head then there was the boyfriend's work of light, a thing over owner/authorship and the main point walking into a room of light, kitschy I know but Chris's stuff, call it painting in light, whatever, I figure, and probably it's about time, would look great configured to scale flat screened to the wall. Then there could be a remake, and sales.
- brent hallard (guest) 1-22-2005 12:25 pm

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