54th Street Studio 2b

Another view of my 54th St. studio, circa 1999 (scan of polaroid), from the vault.

- tom moody 1-22-2005 11:53 pm

Are those huge things on paper pushpinned and hanging on the wall, or are they like wallpaper, glued to the wall? Is the coloring on the left printed or hand-colored?
- chrisashley (guest) 1-23-2005 9:15 pm

It's office paper, taped on the back as shown here, only instead of folding it around a stretcher it's a giant sheet of paper that hangs loosely on the wall (two giant sheets, actually, a color one on the left and the B&W one on the right). Two pushpins hold up each piece. I really shouldn't post these pictures because there's no immediate way to get across how ephemeral and un-wallpaper-like the work is. [I wouldn't glue work on a wall because I'm too lazy to scrape it off later.] Even in person, people assume the back is lined with canvas. I appreciate your questions about this blasted body of work.
- tom moody 1-23-2005 9:58 pm

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