Coil, 1995

I think was done in '95--it's a transition between my painted and computer pieces.

- tom moody 1-23-2005 10:11 pm

I really love that grayscale/yellow scale contrast effect in that and that last photo.

Did X-Eleven get you inspired to go through your older work? It did me. I went through all my 90's music recently and it was a very rewarding experience, seeing how my stuff's evolved. Got me really inspired to start using my sampler again.

- paul (guest) 1-24-2005 9:21 am

btw: not to imply you were a failure in the 90's, haha. just the going back through your old work part. :o)
- paul (guest) 1-24-2005 9:45 am

I've never used a sampler, as much as I've written about it and talk about it. Only a .wav editor to make loops and do basic tape recorder stuff. I'm trying to learn Cubase before I start exploring the E-mu and Kontakt. The "mapping sounds onto the keyboard" part kind of scares me, since I've been avoiding the keyboard. What appeals is how a sound can be stretched and looped into new sounds fairly quickly. I have another tape from the Jeff K era of the Utah Saints (!) playing something they did purely with the sampler--it starts with a simple copied musical phrase and becomes this very abstract and drawn out techno thing. Also, I didn't realize till fairly recently how big a part of My Bloody Valentine's sound the sampler is.

I'm glad you listened to x-eleven. I think Wicker did a great job of putting his own brief career under a microscope.* It's kind of a hybrid internet-musical thing. But I was also excited to get all the tunes after just taping a couple off the radio.

*He says he has new un-x-eleven-like stuff coming, very curious about that.

- tom moody 1-25-2005 10:32 am

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