Demon Tokyo 12 frames

"The demon has materialized over Tokyo Bay!"
"Use the gamma beam--now!"
"It's not stopping--it seems to be eating the gamma radiation."
"We'll have to lure it back into the wormhole, using the gamma cannon as a decoy--move the ship into position, and on my signal..."

- tom moody 1-24-2005 9:42 pm

This is great - I love how the "drawn" and the "photographic" (or my assumptions on what's what), are degraded into this sort of middle ground where either could cross over the line at any minute.
- m bell-smith (guest) 1-25-2005 5:57 am

its a beating heart. very cool
- wwc (guest) 1-25-2005 5:59 pm

Thanks to both. I didn't think about the heart, but now that you mention it, there it is. I had a "heart model" kit as a kid.

Michael, those overlapping pixel sprays in your Foxy video are impressive--"videogame Monet"? I'd suggest posting a screen shot or animated GIF excerpt on your server that I can link to or excerpt here, but the visuals may be too refined for the low-res, blog format. Any thoughts on how to get it across online? (Assuming that's something you want to do--obviously we're talking an excerpt or teaser, with the full-blown DVD being more appropriate for the gallery or other high-res setting.)
- tom moody 1-25-2005 6:13 pm

Neato and gross!
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 1-25-2005 6:27 pm

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