I've decided all my music is going to be under a minute now.

"Mister Arkadin" [mp3 removed] (with fadeout) / [mp3 removed] (loop)

- tom moody 2-05-2005 11:53 pm

under a minute: have you heard cylob's 'loops and breaks' project? right down my alley, perhaps yours too..
- cuechamp (guest) 2-07-2005 10:17 am

get the loops and breaks vinyl , it comes with an additional, identical disk for mixing.
- steve 2-07-2005 6:47 pm

I've been working too hard, writing all my own drum patterns (such as they are--the one on this track doesn't count). Today I downloaded some midi drum tracks and the next thing is to start editing/customizing them and eventually make them play some good (customized) virtual drums. I'm still a bit at sea working with audio, as opposed to midi. I've been practicing cross-fades and beatmatching in Cubase but haven't come up with anything I really like yet. Eventually I'll know what to do with those loops and breaks but right now I don't.
- tom moody 2-07-2005 6:59 pm

ya, i guess i don't see cylob's (cylob.com btw) breaks and loops as a tool even, i just like to listen to these little breaks and bits as little individual works, like appetizers, here's more from saskrotch- nintendo breaks volume one http://www.barnofhell.com/sounds/saskrotch/Nintendo_Breakz_Volume_One.zip sorry for dropping links on your blog tom, i should just start mine back up huh? :)
- cuechamp (guest) 2-07-2005 8:16 pm

You definitely should start yours back up! Although I'm enjoying the mp3 blog. Thanks for the cylob (and other) link--I will check it out for listening.
- tom moody 2-07-2005 8:30 pm

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