"Strychnine Express" [mp3 removed] (my acid techno track; strychnine molecule from google images)

- tom moody 2-23-2005 7:15 am

really nice - also: "Death Scent of Midi" would be a great name for an album or compilation.
- mbs (guest) 2-23-2005 7:53 am

Thanks, I decided to take out the self-deprecating fake rejection letter where that phrase was used. I think it was funny, but kind of gives too much away about what I'm trying to do here. As I learn my way around these programs I find myself drawn to Midi but also horrified by it. Everyone uses it, but I think the idea is you're supposed to spice up the track with samples of live playing and using quantizing to disguise it. I like the artificiality of it and feel like you have to acknowledge the dated cheese factor but am also intrigued by the idea that you could use it to make something compelling and rockin' with it. The reason all those archives of Midi music on the net are sweetly pathetic is people are trying to make real music instead of a tortured exploration of these contradictions. Just some rough notes of what I'm thinking about.
- tom moody 2-23-2005 7:13 pm

Yeah, this one's nice. Good groove, neat texture; I like the contrast between the rapidbeatgroovechops (melody?) in the foreground and the lazylongslowhumbuzz (chords?) in the background.
- chrisashley (guest) 2-23-2005 9:53 pm

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