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The guy has a blog now. He's posting under the name "Jack Masters." Interesting pictures, funny/surreal descriptions of dreams, wry philosophical musings, including thoughts on Excel charts that make me suspect a connection to the IT industry (who else would care about Excel?). He's been updating castlezzt, too, and I guess it was inevitable given the cost of bandwidth that "the mile long web page" has been broken into multiple pages.

Update: Jim says the computer monitor arch appeared on Gizmodo and has been making the rounds. They didn't credit it either. The image below is also good, no idea where he (Masters) got it:

Krispy Kreme vs Mister Donut

- tom moody 4-26-2005 7:58 pm

that monitor arch is PHAT!!!
- twhid 4-26-2005 8:17 pm

Agreed. I don't know where he got that image.
- tom moody 4-26-2005 10:26 pm

Not that it matters, but t was on gizmodo a week or two ago and has been making the rounds (obviously, since it is indeed quite phat.) I don't know where it is from originally though.

- jim 4-26-2005 11:17 pm

Oh - it all gets tangled!!

This article talks a bit about his Garfield thing and other web-based comic craziness (the article is crap, but the links are good - via Screenfull I think).
- mbs (guest) 4-26-2005 11:33 pm

And, for an added bonus, not even one little ten year old russian gymnast was abused in the creation of this image!
- L.M. 4-27-2005 2:47 am

Wooo, Jack's got a vey nice life on the moon--,I mean, he's got a great view from whch he is computin from.

- Brent Hallard (guest) 4-27-2005 2:53 am

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