Lucas Samaras 2005

Top: Lucas Samaras. A couple dozen brand spankin' new Apple flat screen monitors are arrayed on tables inside PaceWildenstein, as in a classroom or library. From a central server one can call up hundreds of photo stills or Quicktime videos by the artist, documenting his strange solitary existence inside a luxury high rise garret in Manhattan. A handful of elementary Photoshop filters are employed to psychedelify mundane actions such as blowdrying his hair and beard, watching TV by himself on New Year's Eve, recording sunsets and Macy's Thanksgiving floats. Kind of poignant, all this, and occasionally stunning despite the familiarity of the effects. Below: Walter Redinger of London, Ontario, who shares Mitchell Algus' gallery with Banks Violette this month. The sculptures below are the artist's trademark fiberglas resin, suggesting Yves Tanguy by way of the Star Trek props department, or Max Ernst with a plague of boils--and I mean all that in a good way. Very strange, excellent sculptures. A bit more on Redinger here.

Walter Redinger 2005 2

Walter Redinger 2005

- tom moody 4-29-2005 9:53 am

Anything like the old polaroid penis pics?
- anonymous (guest) 4-29-2005 7:47 pm

Lots of things in that style, but I didn't see anything overtly sexual in the movies and photos I checked out. He is in his 70s, though.
- tom moody 4-29-2005 7:50 pm

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