Jack Masters responds on his blog to the following mildly sniping paragraph posted here a few days ago:
The castlezzt.net guy has a blog now. He's posting under the name "Jack Masters." Interesting pictures, funny/surreal descriptions of dreams, wry philosophical musings, including thoughts on Excel charts that make me suspect a connection to the IT industry (who else would care about Excel?). He's been updating castlezzt, too, and I guess it was inevitable given the cost of bandwidth that "the mile long web page" has been broken into multiple pages.
Masters' reply, accompanied by this great Pokey the Penguin drawing (thanks, anonymous):
jack masters

My bandwidth is fine, it's just that it was getting to be quite an ordeal to load the page.

Actually I have no connection to the IT industry at all, I just use excel to record ideas. It has certain advantages over a simple text file, because you can easily rearrange things, or even have the computer alphabetize or randomize them. My notes tend to take the form of lists anyway.

In the screenshot that accompanied the excel post, I was using it to map out the edge permutations of a blank jigsaw puzzle I was working on. I've also used it as a poor man's cellular automata, and various other things.
Sorry, man. I was doing some heavy interpolating (and projecting).

- tom moody 4-29-2005 8:48 pm

I kinda liked the loading ordeal. ;o)
- paul (guest) 4-29-2005 9:33 pm

it's cory no?
- anonymous (guest) 4-29-2005 11:47 pm

- red barchetta (guest) 4-30-2005 12:31 am

Pokey the penguin has a posse!

- anonymous (guest) 4-30-2005 1:59 am