The Sturtevant show closing Jun 18 (Sat)--Perry Rubenstein, 23rd St, north side, near 10th ave--is unbelievable. Note-perfect recreations of signature Duchamp works (stool wheel, urinal, bottle rack, snow shovel and many less famous ones), coal sacks on ceiling, films of rotoreliefs projected on wall--all very low, dark lighting, a slightly musty antique feel--exactly what a show of historical Duchamp works would look like, although scholar-devotees like Arturo Schwarz could probably find discrepancies and anachronisms. These recreations were made by Sturtevant over the period from the late '60s to the early '90s. Amazing! Did NOT deserve the sneering review from Ken Johnson in the Times ("they love her in Europe"). Sturtevant stayed on the straight appropriation track where Sherrie Levine went astray with exquisite craftsmanship for the collector tribe and hoky bombast (gold plated urinals, etc).

- tom moody 6-15-2005 3:45 am

B---, you have to get into town to see this--this is not the Ramones movie where you're only missing out on a killer soundtrack. You have a professional interest in this. Oh, I give up.
- tom moody 6-15-2005 3:53 am

did you take pictures? - b---

- bill 6-20-2005 5:41 pm

Camera would never have done it justice. Too subtle, light way too dim in the room. Looks like New York yawned or smirked (Johnson). I guess it needed a scandal in the form of a copyright suit, or the Duchamp scholars getting all up in arms in the pages of Art in America, as they did a while back (my memory on that is a bit hazy--can't remember if that was when someone suggested the readymades weren't found but fabricated, or some other issue--I know A. Schwarz and some other writers duked it out over several months)
- tom moody 6-20-2005 6:00 pm

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