Win $1000 for your webpage! Contest rules are here. Contestants submit the URL of their personal website and in September a $1000 prize is awarded for the best. The site can be a fixed page or a blog, and must be in either text or Flash (what does that leave out?). The jury consists of Emma Davidson, Olia Lialina, Kerstin von Locquenghien, Mouchette, and Vika. Olia wrote that great article about the early vernacular web I discussed a while back, and Emma dj'd at the Bent Festival I still plan to post pictures from. "The site, time and the form of the award ceremony are open and will depend on the location of the winner and the political situation this summer." Some examples of the kinds of submissions that are coming in are here (that's the 1000$ contest page for 2005, which you go to if you skip the amusing Alpine intro).

- tom moody 6-16-2005 7:32 am

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