"Hello Down There" [mp3 removed]. Short atmospheric percussion piece with burbly but slightly ominous synthesizer. Not techno.

...but the same instrumentation. I've been picking up more software synths and samplers and am especially fascinated by drumkits--collections of samples but also live synthesis. This is where my lo-fi religion with regard to software breaks down. I really don't care about the creative potential of Photoshop, I mainly use it to resize things and tweak photos. In the visual realm I'm perfectly happy to try to do complicated things with older, simpler programs. But with music, I'm just blown away with how the tools have evolved. I think maybe my aspiration is to try to do simple (or minimal) things with these CPU-hogs, to just isolate the textures and groove on them.

...it kind of lost steam toward the end so added a few more sounds.

- tom moody 6-17-2005 5:26 am

Have you considered taking something like this and dividing the voicing among a set of lap tops? It's been done before (Eno with portable CD players), but I think sound fields are relatively unexplored territory.
- mark 6-17-2005 10:49 am

Some of the programs I have offer choices for several layers of surround and seem to be anticipating multiple speaker setups and dimensionality. I've fooled around with panning a bit but am more of a painter (MSPainter) than a sculptor with regard to audio. It's something I'm interested in but haven't explored much.
- tom moody 6-17-2005 6:46 pm

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