Speaking of self-referential artmaking, Jack Masters figured out the right thing to do with Artpad, the creative website with the most onerous terms and conditions you will ever involuntarily agree to just by drawing a pitcher.

Michael Bell-Smith has been cast in an amazing one-act ballet, as a slow moving robot that looks like a cross between Big Bird and a toothbrush.

Travis Hallenbeck (and a bunch of other people on delicio.us) posted the page of a cassette dj with exquisite gear made of particle board.

Paul Slocum has updated his Loopcart ROM, a tracker program for the Atari 2600. Click to load an .mp3 example here. I like the way it starts out videogamy and gets more syncopated and weird.

- tom moody 6-18-2005 10:28 pm

btw: keeping it current, listen to a snippete of the newly discovered bach aria.
- bill 6-18-2005 11:16 pm

Godfather of techno.
- tom moody 6-18-2005 11:47 pm

i didn't see the robot in that ballet!? all i could see was a woman and a giant penis pinata.
- annoooonymous (guest) 6-19-2005 2:16 am

I was trying to be polite and not mention that...
- tom moody 6-19-2005 4:11 am


- george (guest) 6-19-2005 6:48 pm

7. Assignment.

You acknowledge that the Renderings created using ArtPad shall be the property of Art.com and you agree that, in consideration for using ArtPad services, you agree that all copyrights and other intellectual property rights in the Renderings are assigned to Art.com. Art.com shall have all rights of such ownership including the perpetual, worldwide right to reproduce, distribute, sell, display, perform, adapt and promote the Renderings in any medium. You waive any right to inspect or approve uses of the Renderings or to be compensated for any such uses and you waive any moral rights including rights of attribution. Subject to your compliance with and acceptance of this Agreement, Art.com authorizes you to use ArtPad to view the Renderings on the Website and forward email links thereto only for your personal, non-commercial use.
- paul (guest) 6-20-2005 11:13 pm

Kind of takes the joy right out of it...
- tom moody 6-21-2005 2:18 am

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