More on the egregious Kim's video raid. Bloggy sums it up thus:
And by the way, the next time the NYPD complains about their pay, suggest that their corporate bosses should kick in some money. I guess the War on Terror is under control if they have time to raid Kim's Video looking for mix CDs, and bring along a "representative" of the Recording Industry Association of America to help them round up and arrest five people working at Kim's. They kept them all in jail overnight.
The Village Voice has a good follow-up report on this scandal. Apparently the cops were picking out employees at random to arrest, an MPAA thug may also have tagged along, and it was so poorly planned the cops didn't even know that Kim's has more than one store.

- tom moody 6-18-2005 10:29 pm

good VV article. best so far. an aside: i had a friend who worked sorting incoming merch at one of the major used (previously owned) record and cd outlets in SF. eventually he quit over a guilty conscience. it didnt take too long to figure out that allot of the goods coming through was stolen merchandise. a constant trail of junkie types coming in with box-fulls of cds you know? just an example of real music theft that should be attended to.
- bill 6-20-2005 8:49 pm