Your Photoshopped Culture...on American Movie Classics

(on cable TV, that is--a service you pay for)

Easy Rider, 1969. Ending scene: Redneck in pickup truck points shotgun at motorcycle rider Dennis Hopper. Hopper responds by raising his arm and showing redneck the back of his glove. Redneck shoots Hopper and leaves him bleeding by the side of the road.

"Dad, why did that man shoot that man?"

"Well, Molly, when the movie originally ran, and was seen by millions, and shaped a generation, the biker 'flipped the bone' at the trucker."

"Dad, what's 'flipped the bone'?" [etc]

Visit part one of "Your Photoshopped Culture...on American Movie Classics," to learn how 'ratfucking,' the word that shocked the nation when revealed to be spoken (and practiced) by the President's Men back in the '70s, was changed to "ratting" to protect a tender cable audience.

- tom moody 6-22-2005 2:54 am

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