Posting (also email) has been crimped this weekend due to a surprise outage by Comcast Cable Co. They made a long-planned switch to a new, company-owned server and told everyone about it but their customers. 48 hours with no service and they can't send an email? I was so angry I decided to switch to another cable co-- oh, right, there is no other cable company. DSL is also not available on my block, due, I'm assuming, to the rotting phone lines Verizon has been planning to fix for about 10 years. A repairman told me a few months back that in last corporate reshuffle, a several-million-dollar figure allotted for infrastructure repairs, which the company elected to postpone, exactly equaled the executive bonuses that changed hands at the closing--and hey, I believe it!

I expect a big shitstorm of self-congratulatory hype from Comcast once they get their new internet pipes in place. The fact is their content is the worst, lowest common denominator cheese. Whenever I check my webmail, their front page always has the latest celebrity news, pictures of two-headed kittens, and verbatim press releases from the White House saying how well things are going in Iraq.

- tom moody 6-27-2005 12:26 am

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