I'm reposting this 'cause I'm afraid the joke wasn't clear. Barbara Kruger... Freddy Krueger... The '80s... Oh well...

Kru(e)gers of the 80s

- tom moody 7-12-2005 6:46 am

You're so full of sectrets Tom Moody, you Batsman, Bowler and cricketing god.
This is already old hat I'm sure. I've been living with this
for years.

Sorry for posting off topic.

- anonymous (guest) 7-12-2005 8:54 am

Sorry, that last post was from La Joester.
- joester (guest) 7-12-2005 8:54 am

The other T-- M---- retired from cricket a few years back, which I thought might result in less google confusion, but since then he has had a thriving career as a coach (most recently for Sri Lanka), so I still get searches from India and Australia. Apparently he is around six feet five inches tall. Rugged--like your mountain guide.

- tom moody 7-12-2005 9:05 am

A rugged Virtual Nomme de Plume. Sweet.
- joester (guest) 7-14-2005 8:19 am

The other T-- M---- then retired from coaching Sri Lanka, a few months before an unfortunate violent incident involving the team.
- tom moody 4-01-2009 5:10 pm

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