Baseball Doofus - Artist Unknown

- tom moody 8-15-2005 11:05 am

Where'd this come from?
- joester 8-15-2005 9:35 pm

left field.
- bill 8-15-2005 10:05 pm

I think it's one of those passed-around-the-internet deals. The specific page of "funny jpegs" where I found it I'm not divulging since much of my blog content for the next six months will be coming from there. Seriously--I'll email it to you. Whoever put that red circle in this photo is a genius.
- tom moody 8-15-2005 10:05 pm

Bill: *rim shot*
- tom moody 8-15-2005 10:06 pm

Hey, that's me! I'm so embarrased!
- big winner (guest) 8-16-2005 7:54 am

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