Bob Moog, inventor of the Moog synthesizer and revolutionizer of music, just died. May he rest in peace. Below are excerpts from two posts that appeared on this page last year about the film Moog. They were mostly critical, but the gripes were about the film and not the man, as I have nothing but admiration for him and his work.
The highest spots in Moog involve not the keyboard instrument but the Theremin, which Moog got his start building. Solos by Pamelia Kurstin and Moog himself are beautiful and otherworldly--music from thin air, only two controls (pitch and volume), no moving parts, it's the soul of economy and still inherently futuristic. How did we ever lose track of the concept?
And later:
It's interesting to watch Moogs being assembled and to hear the inventor talk about them--he's quite the spiritualist, and says he intuitively knows what sounds the circuits will make. He emphasizes the importance of playing live before an audience, and seems to distrust "music made alone to be listened to by people alone." [...]

- tom moody 8-22-2005 11:24 pm

My two Moog (a Rogue and a Prodigy) synths are among my most prized material possessions (besides my didgeridoo). The Rogue is super coolest because it has audio and trigger inputs and a noise slider... run a mic through the filters, play the didgeridoo through it, instant outer space trip! Thank you, Bob Moog.
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 8-23-2005 2:48 am

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