Chris Ashley presents greatest hits from two years of posting daily html drawings. Not to take away from any others, but this one's a beaut, fusing golden section neoplatonism, designer paint swatches, and what I can only see as a pictogram of a hand (Four, July 28, 2005, HTML, 404 x 344 pixels).

The participation of Chris, jimpunk, Linkoln, and me in the empyre listserv forum in June, as "artists who blog," seems to have thrown a spanner in everyone's works. As explained here earlier, it went badly, with the moderators allowing a bunch of faux-academic boors to bash blogs and bloggers. I bailed after two weeks and still wake up in a cold sweat. Shortly thereafter, Ashley went on hiatus from daily html drawing posting (since resumed with added photo-imagery), jimpunk disappeared from Screenfull, followed by Linkoln, after posting a "searching for jimpunk" drawing. Maybe "artists blogging" is a fragile thing, even if the artists aren't fragile people, a pursuit to be cherished and supported as opposed to acting all threatened about.

- tom moody 9-10-2005 9:03 pm

I enjoyed the jimpunk works cross posted here. Sorry to hear he's not active anymore.
- mark 9-11-2005 1:17 pm

Not sure what's going on there. Last time they ended a project (544x378WebTV) they immediately replaced it with another (SCREENFULL). This time they just stopped posting. Everybody's entitled to a break, but I hope everything's OK with them.

As for empyre's response, the first time jimpunk posted a link to his page the responses should have been things like "cool," "this is interesting, I would interpret it as ________," "not sure what you're saying here, would like to see more," or heaven forbid, to offer a remixed version of the artwork. Instead he got "what is it with you bloggers posting links to your own pages?" and "what is this fixation with self?" I'm paraphrasing, but that's how a lot of emails came across. Some of the emailers didn't have the courage to admit they'd started blogs themselves and let them lapse. (Thanks to bill for doing the checking to figure that out--it made me feel better to know what we were dealing with.)
- tom moody 9-11-2005 6:34 pm

its too early to be thinking about it but that empyre list discussion is destined to make my top 10 2005 list.
- bill 9-11-2005 7:11 pm

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