Good Village Voice article about the various protests staged around New York on 9/11. The one at the World Trade Center--vocally endorsing the "Controlled Demolition" theory, which says that the towers shouldn't have pancaked the way they did just from burning jet fuel--pissed a lot of Ground Zero visitors off, who are still in the Al Qaeda Worked Alone and Bush Is Our Savior mode, including some firemen, who yelled back at the protesters. I happened to be walking by the site and saw the protesters in their black T shirts before they assembled with signs, etc,. and knew something was up. Really wanted to stop and talk with them, ask a few questions, but had to go to work. The 9/11 commission report sits in my throat like a half-digested wad of gristle--of course it's a whitewash, there are too many unexplained mysteries about that day, like where were the damned fighter planes? and why did Tower 7 fall, where no plane hit? At the very least 9/11 represented massive government negligence, just as we saw with Katrina, and yet Bush fired no one. A guy named George left a comment here once saying "There will always be conspiracy theories." Yeah, well, whatever helps you sleep at night.

- tom moody 9-14-2005 2:47 am

It is my personal opinion that history demonstrates that it makes a lot more sense to be a "conspiracy theorist" than to be a "coincidence theorist".
Bush admin apologist voice : "Our high school history book was full of conspiracy theories because it said that Hitler had the Reichstag burned down in order to seize dictatorial power and curtail civil liberties, and that on another occasion German soldiers dressed dressed up like Polish soldiers and attacked a German radio station on the German side of the German-Polish border in order to give Germany a good excuse to attack Poland... but the [any] government would never never do that! They are not that evil! They are good Christians! Do you know how many people would have to be in on it and keep silent? etc etc etc."
End Hitler, er, I mean Bush admin apologist voice.
Either way, if you believe that Osama, sitting in a cave in Afghanistan, directed some box-cutter toting guys into pulling off 9-11, or if you believe that Bush (or Israel etc) engineered 9-11, then you believe in a conspiracy theory.
I know which conspiracy theory is more plausible to me.

- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 9-14-2005 3:48 am

"where were the damned fighter planes?"
Maybe they did not think it was such a big deal because there were no Pro Sports athletes (like golfer Payne Stewart) on any of the hijacked planes.
- Abraham Kalashnikov (guest) 9-14-2005 4:09 am

I believe the Bush administration is guilty of reckless indifference to a known threat, because the consumation of that threat suited their needs.
- mark 9-14-2005 9:07 am

wow you people are full of shit
- anonymous (guest) 9-16-2005 12:05 am

(thinks Bush is a smart man)
- tom moody 9-16-2005 2:40 am

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