"Gridbug Variation" [mp3 removed]. Minimal dub techno. All beats. Kind of warm and fuzzy for the genre, and not totally humorless. A volume bump or pair of headphones is recommended--to keep the echo-spikes from clipping I had to lower the overall decibels, and that was with compression. I need a professional to mix these things now. Update: Forget what I said about the volume. It's fine--it would help if I remembered to turn up the bass on my mixer.

- tom moody 9-17-2005 1:26 am

I like that
- Thor Johnson 9-18-2005 2:54 am

Thanks, and thanks for the remix. It's pleasantly mangled and Romilar'd beyond recognition. I'll get it up here eventually.
- tom moody 9-18-2005 4:13 am

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