Tomorrow, December 11, is the opening of O Show Graphic, aka the O Show ("an homage to all that is round, curvy, and looped"), a group exhibit I'm in. It's at SICA, on the Jersey shore, and is curated by the New York curatorial combine MatCh-Art. A web page about the show, with images of the artists' work, is here, and the press release, in .PDF form, is here. The work I'm showing is the DVD of this animated GIF (still is second from top above). Other artists include Lisa Beck, Louis Cameron, Moriah Carlson, Orly Cogan, Mark Dagley, Joel Edwards, Rob Grunder, Francis Holstrom, Sharon Horvath, Jim Houser, Jasper Johns, Chris Kasper, Laura Ledbetter, Jim Lee (top image, above), Monique Luchetti, Noah Lyon, Andrew Masullo, Rob Matthews, Derick Melander, Matthew Northridge, John Phillips, James Rosenthal (third from top, above), Savako, Randall Sellers, Mark Shetabi, Jordan Tinker, John Torreano, Alice Wu (fourth from top, above), B. Wurtz, and Nami Yamamoto. Unfortunately I'm w*rking and will miss the opening, but hopefully will make the reception at Ramopo College, the next venue the show's traveling to.

- tom moody 12-10-2005 7:08 pm

Is that 'Bible Belt' one made out of soap?
- Thor Johnson (guest) 12-12-2005 6:15 pm

Cast resin--but resembling the soap carvings from vacation bible school (I think I actually went to something called that as a kid).
- tom moody 12-12-2005 7:15 pm

"Vacation Bible School" - that was my most hated cumpulsory childhood activity... just the name is such an oxymoron. Going to VBS seemed worse than going to school, wasting part of the summer at going to church EVERY DAY instead of just on sunday (which was bad enough)
- Thor Johnson (guest) 12-12-2005 9:07 pm

I was too young and trusting to hate it. Now, Boy Scouts, on the other hand...
- tom moody 12-12-2005 9:13 pm

What a revelation!

At "Catholic Camp", we were taught how to shoot rifles.

It's suddenly obvious that this Vatican controlled army of 11 year old girls were being readied for an attack on any nearby Vacation Bible Schools.

- L.M. 12-14-2005 12:00 am

sounds like a Henry Darger plot.
- sally mckay 12-14-2005 3:30 am

And we all so distressed when At Cedernine, Jennie was Wounded and Brought Between 3 Firing Lines!

(But I don't recall that the event looked quite like that)

- L.M. 12-14-2005 4:06 am

You know, I never thought of my summer camp as being like "Vacation Bible Camp", but it was Catholic, and there was some mass involved (although I think I ditched).

At Camp Tecaboca we learned how to shoot a bolt-action .22, how to use a bow and arrow, woodshop, canoeing, and horse riding (it was in Texas). NIght-time capture the flag was another popular activity.

I guess we were well prepared to perform a combined arms attack under cover of darkness. But there weren't any Protestants close enough to invade.

I do have occasion to use the canoe skills from time to time.

- mark 12-14-2005 6:09 am

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