With the recent news of Rupert Murdoch's purchase of Myspace and Yahoo's acquisition of del.icio.us (no kidding) still wafting noisomely through the air, I feel I should come clean about some recent corporate machinations regarding my own site. A friend on the "inside" recently sent me an interesting email:
Yes, we're looking at Moody's blog, too, but the numbers aren't up there where I'd like. The guy keeps changing the subject, and thwarts every reasonable attempt at branding, or self-branding. One day he's an artist, the next he's posting his damn plinky techno "compositions." He'll create a perfectly good, catchy animation and then put up some stupid thing from a kid's web page. Then he rails about politics and the system. God knows we'd like to shut him up by buying him, the way we're going to put a cork in those little bastards at Myspace and del.icio.us, but it has to make economic sense. This Moody weirdo just doesn't command a big enough slice of the wild and crazy youth demographic. So fuck him.
Sorry for all the bad language, but that's how they talk in big media and advertising corporations! It's nice to know they're thinking about me, I guess. (OK, except for the part about Murdoch and Yahoo, this is all BS. It's how I process disappointing news.)

retractable cable

- tom moody 12-12-2005 11:29 pm

No big surprise. You obviously have some sort of deal with Breadshop's Granola.
- paul (guest) 12-13-2005 2:09 am

so wait, is any of this true? I'm confused.
- anonymous (guest) 12-13-2005 2:50 am

the first clause is truthful, everything beyond the comma is a figment of toms febrile imagination.
- dave 12-13-2005 2:59 am

its a joke son

- bill 12-13-2005 3:46 am

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but yes, Rupert Murdoch bought Myspace and Yahoo bought delicio.us. Those are true facts.
- tom moody 12-13-2005 3:53 am

It's really a shame, especially Myspace, which is kind of a beautiful thing, while Rupert is human cesspool of stinking corruption. Yahoo is not so bad, but pretty symbolic of the commercialized web--forced to buy content because it can no longer innovate. I wonder how it will start to change delicio.us, which is another pretty good thing.

I can only repeat one of my favorite lines from Bob Dylan, "don't follow leaders, pay parking meters."
- tom moody 12-13-2005 3:58 am

"don't follow leaders and watch the parking meters"
- dave 12-13-2005 4:10 am

OK, thanks for the correction, even though I like my mishearing better.
- tom moody 12-13-2005 4:59 am

Just curious why you think Myspace is beautiful thing. I only have limited contact with it, one person whose blog I check, but it seems to me not that unique, or interesting, but that is possibly only representative of the blog I check and that blog's "friends." Also, I hate a blog that has automatic background music, as some do.
- jimlouis 12-13-2005 10:51 pm

MySpace is kinda cool because once you wade through the 98% absolute shite that is up there, you can find some really cool artists/musicians and then connect with them, like if you want to go on tour or set up an art show in another city or something like that... expand your "fan base" or become part of someone else's. It does take up a lot of time to find the good stuff, and that's why I do it mostly when I am at work, ha ha!!!
- Thor Johnson (guest) 12-14-2005 1:45 am

Yeah, it's great for good bands that have been blown off by The Man, or which The Man in his search for the next attractive hair band has failed to take note of. (In the latter I'd include Zom Zoms, who have a nice Myspace page with downloads, etc.) Which is why The Man in the form of Rupert Murdoch wants to get in. The only way He will pay attention to what's going on is if He thinks he already owns it.

- tom moody 12-14-2005 2:35 am

anyone know who owns tribe? seems to have been bought and remodeled, lately, although it could be internal changes, i guess...

anyway, plink on, citizen critic!
- dp (guest) 12-14-2005 8:18 am