The blog Anaba posted some photos of an "outsider artist" mural done in the employee break room of a chain grocery store in upstate NY. It's beautiful work, but I'll let Anaba tell you its location and the name of the creator. I know we all fantasize about fame and fortune allowing people to quit their day jobs, but employers aren't Medicis (at least for very long). Projects like this usually exist only in the tiniest cracks of the ownership society. So why am I blabbing? Probably the same reason Anaba is: I want you to see those human-sized vampire bats eating that wolf-lizard, and the scrofulous Lovecraftian obscenity on the right engulfing that forest of fleshy pseudopods, which could be prescient glimpses of the future of life on Earth, or a stark allegory of present day emotions. (Not mine, of course!)

See Anaba for particulars

- tom moody 12-24-2005 10:35 pm

Those are great
Merry Cthulmas
- Thor Johnson 12-25-2005 2:45 am

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