Just bought a new scanner--stepped on the old one--don't ask--and am trying it out with this photo cut out of Sp1n. Still can't get over that this suburban slob is now the handsomest man alive or whatever. Yes, I know he's an actor, but to me he'll always be This Guy, who I knew back in the day from the pizza restaurant where I worked. He made an imaginary grid in the dining area that only employees (all male) knew about. If a "hot chick" was on the premises he'd come back in the kitchen and yell "A-4!" or "C-3!"

- tom moody 1-11-2006 5:22 am

Now I love him even more!
- Sarah Croonkle (guest) 1-11-2006 7:56 am

there's a dazed and confused making-of movie out that's pretty cool. I saw it on AMC a few weeks ago. Wiley Wiggins (the freshman kid) is into circuit bending and stuff now. He always comes to our shows and we talk about that and 8bit stuff.

Whoa, actually he just posted about a MIDI speak & spell adapter! Another thing to cross off my todo list.

- paul (guest) 1-11-2006 10:28 am

"The thing I love about high school girls? I keep gettin' older, but they just keep stayin' the same."
- G.K. Wicker (guest) 1-12-2006 1:08 am

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