Smokin' Skull

Continuing with our series of antidrug public service announcements...

- tom moody 1-12-2006 2:45 am


Wait, what's the anti part?
- jim 1-12-2006 2:47 am

how about a blast of smoke out the nose at the end?
- bill 1-12-2006 2:53 am

The dead cannot be killed.
- Thor Johnson 1-12-2006 3:07 am

Now I love him even more!
- Sarah Croonkle (guest) 1-12-2006 6:02 am


are those eyelids bone, too, or is he that thing in the Scandanavian cemetary in The Hound
- boneboy (guest) 1-13-2006 3:35 am

Reminds me of this guy...
king heroin

- sally mckay 1-13-2006 8:56 pm

Ten million dead junkies can't be wrong...
- Thor Johnson (guest) 1-13-2006 11:16 pm

Wow. I always thought ten million junkies COULD be wrong. My bad.
- joester 1-17-2006 9:41 am

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