John Parker Mutaforma

John Parker, "Man and Machine" [8.8 MB .mp4]

Originally produced for mutaforma's collective intelligence online project, which involved a lot of remixing of found materials. I like Parker's the best of the videos I saw. His was the only one that seemed to be thinking about the scale of the medium and grabbing the viewer/listener with some kind of strange, immediate emotional experience.

I posted the Parker and Schwarz vids because I like them, and because my Guitar Solo and Drum Machine videos are lonely and wanted a school to hang out with. I've been turning over a vain satirical post about the new Pollocks being artist/musician/video artists who work on a micro-scale.

- tom moody 2-01-2006 7:25 am

You're right about the scale of these videos, those cheesy transition tricks that make me gag when I see them in hi definition, look great when they are heavily pixelated.

Thanks for posting all of them.
- L.M. 2-01-2006 8:59 pm

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