bitforms vs vertexList Gallery Comparison Chart
(budding computer artists clip and save)

Occasional good shows of old school computer artFinger on current scene
Owner opened gallery in KoreaOwner directed movie about 8-Bit art
Pipeline to MIT Maeda, er, Media LabPipeline to "discourse artists"
Slickly packaged workLo-fi with aspirations to slickness
Mixes different kinds of computer artMixes computer and non-computer art
No theory to speak ofTheory out the wazoo, but sometimes wrong (thinks I'm a "Modernist")
Owner has fashionable eyewearNo eyewear
Owner opened gallery in KoreaStill in one location (Four Walls' old space)

- tom moody 2-09-2006 2:42 am

Ya gotta throw Postmater into this mashup!
- joester 2-10-2006 8:27 am

No, I don't!

Postmasters thanks me for leaving it out of this, trust me.

These are its spawn, the Cain and Able, nay, the Beavis and Butthead of computational exhibitionism. The only way they can be understood is through this dualism, this exquisite symmetry...

Etc etc bullshit bullshit...
- tom moody 2-10-2006 9:06 am

who is butthead?
- (guest) 2-11-2006 12:45 am

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