The blog The Sneeze unmasks the Kettle Corn conspiracy. It's "sweet & salty popcorn" but the manufacturers of the storebought versions don't use sugar, they use the chemical sweetener Sucralose. Check out this packaging for Act II "kettle corn": behind the popcorn on the label you see an old fashioned burlap bag of SALT and another one of SU--. The rest of the word is hidden so you think it's sugar, but according to The Sneeze it's Sucralose. Unbelievably lame, these guys. (hat tip to SHM)

Kettle Corn I

Kettle Corn II

- tom moody 2-10-2006 5:39 am

That sounds like it would tastse yucky too, but then again I make my popcorn by putting cayenne pepper powder & sliced jalapenos in the hot oil right before it starts popping.... I know it is supposed to be unhealthy to heat but I like to use olive oil to pop corn.
- Thor Johnson (guest) 2-10-2006 5:35 pm

also never eat misspelled foods like "cheeze" and "korn."
- bill 2-10-2006 5:40 pm

or "froot"
- Thor Johnson (guest) 2-10-2006 5:52 pm

That's the first I've heard about olive oil being unhealthy at high heat.
From what I've read online today "light" olive oil (as in flavor, not caloric content) is OK at high heat, "virgin" is OK at low and medium, and "extra virgin" is OK for salads.

According to one source, extra virgin breaks down at high heat into compounds that cause heart disease!!!

Fucking great, I've been using extra virgin to pop popcorn for a couple of years now.

Try as hard as you can to eat healthy, we're all gonna fucking die.
- tom moody 2-10-2006 10:39 pm

forget that low phat diet too.

- bill 2-10-2006 10:58 pm

No, thanks, I like seeing my neck in the mirror.
- tom moody 2-10-2006 11:08 pm

This concept of different olive oil grades for different cooking heats hasn't hit the natural food stores I look at, apparently. The Westerly on 8th Ave has about 50 brands of olive oil and every single one is "extra virgin."
- tom moody 2-12-2006 3:47 am

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