I'm pleased to announce I'll be having a solo show in May at artMovingProjects, in Williamsburg (Brooklyn), NY. Mike Ballou, whose work I've liked since seeing his show of mutated toys on corrugated cardboard ledges at Postmasters a while back, is slated for the Project space. [Update: the Project space assignment is being reshuffled.]

And as if enough personal horn-tooting doesn't go on around here, here's a scan of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram review of my Dallas show with Saskia Jorda, ending this week (yes, I already posted the article, but this is the all-important print edition). As they say, "the best museums in Dallas are in Fort Worth" (the Kimball, etc) and it seems the most conscientious writing on Dallas also comes from there.

- tom moody 2-28-2006 9:59 pm

Right on Tom!
- Thor Johnson (guest) 2-28-2006 10:12 pm

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- anonymous (guest) 3-01-2006 12:16 am

Fixed, thanks--it was a verboten en-dash in the Visual Acid post. It wasn't causing any problems on bloglines, but I guess I should look at my own feed from time to time.
- tom moody 3-01-2006 12:53 am

yes good ,its working now, i'm using Wizz RSS 2.0.9 in firefox
- anonymous (guest) 3-01-2006 1:15 am

I just can't believe how pathetic the writing is in Dallas cuz there's a lot of cool stuff going on. (I hope The Kut isn't reading this.) Titus is actually in Dallas, I'm not sure how he ended up with that gig.

btw: the March issue of Paper City came out today with a really nice writeup on us. It's more about the gallery in general, but it's got a nice big picture of Vortex 2. Unfortunately the color came out a little off, but it still looks nice. I'll try to scan it tomorrow.
- paul (guest) 3-01-2006 6:55 am

That's a mighty fine review, Tom- congrats. And congrats on the artMoving Projects show. Do you know what you'll be showing- a mix of stuff similar to the And/Or show?
- chrissashley 3-01-2006 8:19 am

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