This lovely bear in the woods image was made with MSPaintbrush--the old one, pre-Paint, the one I use, but never this lyrically. Travis found it in this gallery (I couldn't view it in Firefox, had to switch to IE). He's been digging up some great drawings made with these simple paint programs.

On the opposite end of the Internet art content spectrum, check out Karl Klomp's glitch videos ("It seems much of his glitch output, and very tasteful it is too, comes via repurposing video mixers or even burning DVDís with 'impossible bitrates' for challenged DVD players to read," says dataisnature) and prints.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, looks like the Whitney is rehashing Gordon Matta Clark and the spirit of '68 again, based on this Times review of the 2006 Biennial and other reports. I promise to keep my mouth shut and mind open till I see it, but till then, I'm groovin' on that bear.

- tom moody 3-04-2006 6:23 am

Use the New York Times Link Generator to make NYT permalinks.

- chrissashley 3-04-2006 4:08 pm

Thanks, Chris. I knew about that, but I link to the Times so rarely and unenthusiastically that I don't generally bother with the ways of getting past their various net-hostile firewalls. The Kimmelman link I was perfectly willing to have die--it's just the "conventional wisdom," he never does any original thinking. But since you were kind enough to find the permalink I added it. (I deleted the URLs from your comment.)
- tom moody 3-04-2006 6:53 pm

That's a cute bear
- Thor Johnson (guest) 3-06-2006 7:06 pm

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