Another John Parker piece I animated is was here. Also took down the moving thumbnail because it's over my personal "anti-broadband ghetto" threshold, KB-wise. Will put up some of our collaborative music soon.

Update: "Personal 'anti-broadband ghetto' threshold": Just trying to keep the kilobytes per post down on this page, optimally in the 25-65 KB range, so the blog is viewable on dial-up. It's tempting to post higher-res images and more elaborate animations for the broadband elite, but the self-imposed limits for the page (e.g., no image wider than 580 pixels) force thinking in a more economic lo-fi way. [/self-satisfied explanation]

Update 2: The animation this post linked to has been changed to something a little peppier.

- tom moody 3-18-2006 1:56 am

petry (like pee-wee says it)
- bill 3-18-2006 2:32 am

Today we're going to make a salad!
We've got broccoli...
ee ee...
Ha ha! ee ee!
- tom moody 3-18-2006 3:17 am

- bill 3-18-2006 3:53 am

- anonymous (guest) 3-18-2006 9:37 am

thanks for keeping it dialup-friendly. i have cable, not dialup anymore, but in a similar vein, i hate that we have to keep updating our stuff just to look at some people's basic info and websites. i like to keep my appliances for years rather than toss them into landfills and replace them, and i'm finding i can't do that with my computers which really irks me.
- oriane (guest) 3-18-2006 11:39 pm

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