Go For It - 580 x 362

- tom moody 4-27-2006 7:10 am

im into it..i like the scrolling grey dots of the floor

reminds me of theo jansen (his website is down but: youtube.com/watch?v=PVLja80RWA8)

AND ... LEGO theo jansen!!: homepage.mac.com/aklego/iMovieTheater25.html
- guthrie (guest) 4-28-2006 8:35 pm

Both excellent, thanks.

I think the robo-ant came off a scientist's site--I forget. This is what the original looks like (enlarged slightly X 6):

Go For ItGo For It
Go For ItGo For It
Go For ItGo For It

- tom moody 4-28-2006 8:46 pm

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