Grey Grid (Namenwirth)

"Grey Grid (Aron Namenwirth)" [.mov file removed -- thanks, Apple -- see GIF version]

This is an animated remix interpretation I did of an acrylic-on-panel painting by Aron Namenwirth. It should be set automatically to loop in your Quicktime player and move very fast. (If not, something's out of whack. But the movement should be irregular--that's "in whack.")

- tom moody 5-08-2006 2:23 am

rock on

- a (guest) 5-08-2006 5:52 pm

It almost looks like someone is in there...
- Thor Johnson (guest) 5-09-2006 9:35 pm

Have you looked at the applets for articles in the Journal of Vision?
- se (guest) 5-11-2006 7:40 am

Hey tom,
Jillian M. told me she could not open it and i noticed it does not work in explorer. Is that a common problem? If any one else has any ideas about animating
this image i would be interested in seeing what they come up with.
(it was inspired by making two trips one to antartica and the north pole on google,)

- a. (guest) 5-11-2006 4:37 pm

It works in Internet Explorer.

However, it's a .mov file (Apple), which means IE (Microsoft) only plays it if it has the Quicktime plugin. She can right-click or control-click, save it to her drive, and play it in a Quicktime player on her drive, assuming one's installed.

It's possible the site where I have that file was down. I've had some outages and have asked to have the data moved to another server.
- tom moody 5-11-2006 9:12 pm

I tried it again in explorer and the same thing happened as the first time i tried it, it runs through fast and ends. The movie which i save to my hard drive works great. Thanks again.
- a. (guest) 5-12-2006 3:18 am

I guess the Quicktime plugin in your IE doesn't recognize the "loop" command, for whatever reason. I'm glad you can see it going full stream, I mean steam, on your drive.
- tom moody 5-12-2006 4:52 am

The processor usage pegs on my poor old lap top (900 MHz Pentium III).
- mark 5-12-2006 4:55 am

It's definitely a pushin' the envelope type piece. I set it for 100 frames a second in the GIF program and for some insane reason Quicktime 7 will load it at that rate (or as close as it can get) (and save it as .mov!). Part of the intended effect of the piece is that the processor is always struggling to keep up with that frame rate, so a ghostly image (or two or three) moves around the grid. Kind of talking out my non-authoritative hind end here, but that's what seems to be happening.
- tom moody 5-12-2006 5:02 am

On my laptop it seems to speed up and slow down erratically, but that's a guess about what's going on because I haven't seen it "unencumbered".
- mark 5-12-2006 5:12 am

I think you may be seeing it correctly. When the vertical bands line up and stay in one place, there's less scintillating pixel vibration. The piece works best for me when the bands break down and seem to be trying in an obedient human way to get back in their "proper" places.
- tom moody 5-12-2006 5:18 am

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