"Piano Three Hands (Drums)" [mp3 removed]

I posted this tune a while back as an "acoustic piano" piece. [mp3 removed] A friend was nice to compare it to Conlon Nancarrow, who laboriously wrote music on real piano rolls to be played by real player pianos.

That's encouraging, but I'm not as atonal or obsessive as CN. I was actually imagining some kind of "dazzling" Keith Emerson/Wyndham Hill solo played without any emotional expression. The crowd-pleasing speed and key-modulating complexity without the ladled-on passion we expect from keyboard virtuosos.

Here, I took the same tune and added drums and changed the piano samples to more of a "house" sound. Now it could be a MIDI version of Yellow Magic Orchestra, or at the very least, not Nancarrow. The point here, if I have one, is that our associations of music depend largely on the instruments used rather than structure.

This one's more fun, I think.

- tom moody 6-23-2006 9:01 pm

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