"Amiable Floater" [mp3 removed]

Not that it matters, but the sound generation of this song is 100% analog. The computer was used only to trigger note on/off and velocity and to record and mix. The rest of it's voltages and filtering and a lot of layering. The genesis of it was that the drum machine I'm using has three tunable drums that can either be kicks or toms. I tuned them so the drum hits could be played like a bass line. The piece isn't really all that amiable--it gets a bit mysterious at the end during the "acid" part. The overall texture makes me think a little of Derrick May's work, which was the first techno music I really started studying. Not sure why exactly--kind of a jazzy feel?

It's a good headphone piece, I think.

- tom moody 6-30-2006 1:48 am

I am not familiar with Derrick May's work. I like the bass/drum line. The drums are cool & nice filter sweeps. I like how it builds up and then the other voices come in. It gets really trippy. Another great work!
- Thor Johnson 6-30-2006 5:42 am

Thanks. I'm pretty happy with it. It's built up note by note from scratch--no samples, loops or found MIDI notes. Again, not that that matters, but it helps my confidence to know I can write all the parts, even simple ones, and then "complexify" it with the filtering and overdubbing. Derrick May was one the "Belleville Three" Detroit techno producers--his CD "Innovator" is worth scarfing up.
- tom moody 6-30-2006 7:49 am

"It's built up note by note from scratch--no samples, loops or found MIDI notes."

It certainly takes more time, effort, and talent to do it without those techniques.
- Thor Johnson 6-30-2006 8:12 am

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