Bern, of the 8-Bit rockin' duo Bodenstandig 2000, on why he doesn't like the iPod:
We know that mp3 is part of our relative poverty, but Apple's proprietary digital rights management is an extremely stupid answer. I am the engineer-like type of guy (or at least an engineer-sympathizer) and I still canít get over these now-so-common crippling of technical possibilities. Appleís iPod? Yes, they look good and maybe they are the last bastion of classical brAun-like industrial design vs. chinese-turkish styling-trash for pimps and bitches, but still: They are crippled and I donít buy one.
1. You cannot just copy a song to an iPod and play it, youíll need iTunes.
2. If you buy a Bodenstandig-song at iTunes, you cannot play it on every mp3-player, you need an iPod.
I agree with this. As a nascent mp3-making musician, I would rather get the product out there via "the chinese-turkish" free mp3 sites that link to me than use iTunes. At home I use Winamp to play music by others, because it doesn't stink of some kind of monopolistic capitalist scheme. Information wants to be free. (What a quaint idea!) The extent of my own capitalism is, send me 10 bucks and I'll send you a CD-R with as much music as I can put on it. For the money you get higher res recordings, the music all in one place, and no time-consuming downloading. You can rip the songs, whatever, just don't pass it off as your own work. My address is on my faq page. Check or money order to "Tom Moody."

- tom moody 7-18-2006 3:25 am

do we get cover art too?!!!! -Clayton
- anonymous (guest) 7-18-2006 6:28 am

I haven't thought that far ahead in my business plan. Probably just a CD and a track list.
- tom moody 7-18-2006 8:52 am

Open source software for mp3 players (including ipods):

I run it on my iRiver player.
- paul (guest) 7-20-2006 10:16 pm

Thanks. Maybe you could do a tutorial on your blog for noobs with Windows/PCs on how to wipe the firmware (?) on the iPod and iRiver and install Rockbox on the player and the PC so it's easy to move files around. Is Rockbox also a jukebox on the PC, a la Winamp, or is it only on the player? How does it compare to Winamp?
- tom moody 7-21-2006 12:23 am

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