Tonight at 8:00 at the Brooklyn bookstore BookCourt I'll be talking with Ed Halter about his book From Sun Tzu to Xbox: War and Video Games (Thunder's Mouth Press/Avalon, 2006), covering a range of topics rather pertinent to what has been called either World War III or World War IV, depending on whether you're listening to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich or former CIA director James Woolsey. These include, most centrally, America's Army, a realistic game developed by the military as both a recruiting and training tool, but also combat simulators flacked at high tech trade shows, behaviorist game designers concerned with "making memories" in players, Americans blowing away virtual Bin Ladens after 9/11, games such as "Under Ash" and "Under Siege" marketed to the "Arab Street," and American activist/left hacks of violent games. The announcement for the event is a here; earlier posts about the evening are here and here. I hope to see you there.

8:00 pm
163 Court Street
Brooklyn NY 11201

map and directions

- tom moody 7-20-2006 12:37 am

how did it go?
- sally mckay 7-20-2006 10:31 pm

Very well, thanks. Ed recorded it and may be putting up an .mp3 for an iRivercast (I just learned about iRiver).
As you know, I had to bluff my way through actually knowing much about gaming. At one point, I asked the 20 or so attendees for a show of hands to see who had actually played "America's Army." Two hands went up, and one person said he'd "tried to download it," which counts, sort of.

- tom moody 7-21-2006 12:54 am

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