Dennis Hollingsworth

New Dennis Hollingsworth painting. It's a beaut. I like the suggestion of a head, the unfinished Ryman-esque quality of the edges, and the physics-flouting, flying-off-the-canvas dynamism of the paint. The sensuousness of that thick buttery substance communicates even in pixel form. Yum.

- tom moody 7-22-2006 9:20 pm

It looks like he's cut or made "windows" into those lower blobs of green paint, into which he's iinserted black and white paint blobs. Is that right and if so, any idea how he accomplished the "windows"?
- steve 7-23-2006 3:11 pm

I would guess, Steve, that Dennis uses a little wooden spatula and just pulls it out to make the window. I think I've seen one on his blog at some time. I might be wrong.
I will agree, Tom, Yum!

- brenthallard (guest) 7-23-2006 3:35 pm

That sounds right--I don't know what exact tools he uses. Close-up, the paintings have many details that confound your attempts to mentally reconstruct how or in what order the paint was applied. Also, things are happening that are counterintuitive to what we think of as the material properties of paint, such as those stiff rectangular cut away sections of blobs. You think they should slump or ooze.
- tom moody 7-23-2006 9:50 pm

- bill 7-23-2006 10:05 pm

Please, we do not use the "D" word around here. That's a fighting word to most painters. Any use of conventional food tools is usually in the nature of a trade secret.
- tom moody 7-23-2006 10:41 pm

I think the word is still out on how long these gems will last. Those spiky balls for instance must stick out an inch at least. Sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong. Any stories of collectors sweeping them up yet?
- Robert Huffmann (guest) 7-24-2006 9:54 am

Just peeped the link. I cut and peel in a similar fashion all the time. It's simple enough with acrylics.
- Robert Huffmann (guest) 7-24-2006 10:01 am

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