I've been going back over my YouTube posts from the past few months--a surprisingly large amount are dead links because they've been removed "for terms of service violations" or "by user." Read: people received greasy lawyer letters and got scared. As if some grainy, tiny crap video from the '70s is something anybody deserves to profit from. Amazing how many creative types don't get the viral thing at all.

- tom moody 8-15-2006 10:43 am

that's pretty sad.. i wonder if there will be a big crackdown soon? there's a firefox extension that lets you download them (https://addons.mozilla.org/firefox/2390/), i'm always planning on stockpiling my favorites before they disappear, but i never quite get around to it.....
- guthrie 8-15-2006 10:04 pm

Thanks, I have that extension, and saved a couple of vids in a form I haven't figured out how to play yet. I'll do it eventually.

The music industry and many musicians who have "succeeded" economically are a particularly sour, joyless lot. Once they have their little piece of turf they dedicate their lives to destroying things, spreading misery--fuckers.

A couple of the vids that disappeared were the versions of "Ruckzack" by Kraftwerk and The Organization (Pre-Kraftwerk). I know Kraftwerk is really nasty and grabby about policing its copyrights so I'm speculating they found those and sicced their lawyers on YouTube. Way to go guys--no fun for anyone unless you get paid. Have a ball in your self-made publicity prison in Dusseldorf.

- tom moody 8-15-2006 10:18 pm

Well, if you're an unethical sort, you could save those vids and upload them somewhere else. For example, they're not very good about policing Daily Motion and even if they were there's about 120 more sites to choose from...you need a flash player site that you can get from here

javimoya.com/blog/youtube_en.php. That will give you access to a flash player. You have your assignment. The mission is everything. All Hail the Copyleftist Front...

Philip Shropshire
- Steelydan (guest) 8-15-2006 10:38 pm

Oh, and by the way Guthrie--you have injected the parasitic worm of doubt in my enjoyment of the Wilhelm Scream vid by suggesting it's a hoax. It would be very easy to trick up. Someone needs to rent one of those DVDs and actually listen for the scream.
- tom moody 8-15-2006 10:38 pm

Thanks, Philip. I'm in favor of mass numbers of people staying digitally ahead of the thought--er, copyright police, making it utterly impossible to work their censorship--er, protection of the artist.
- tom moody 8-15-2006 10:45 pm

yeah those screams are too hillarious! i have trouble believing they could've slipped in the same sound effect like 5 times in each of the Indiana Jones movies, its especially obvious in that "young indiana jones" movie... but maybe. i think i like it either way
- guthrie 8-16-2006 12:51 am