Grid-m 7

Grid-m 7

Follow this link to the above performance by grid-m 7. I know next to nothing about the event except it's (a) in Japan, (b) at "Design Festa," which is some kind of festival where artists can rent space (don't know why there are kitchenwares in the band's "set") and (c) has some artwork on the TV monitor by Ryuko Azuma, who I posted about recently (don't know who is painting the apparently topless cutie on the back wall, but she's very nicely drawn). The video goes on a bit too long but some of the human beatbox moves are great. What cracks me up is the vibe of the utopian Total Artwork (with beatniks). You got your human beatbox. You got your DJ with wild synthesis effects. You got your video screen. You got your live painting...

- tom moody 8-30-2006 10:56 pm

I wonder what are they going to do with that microwave oven?
- Thor Johnson 9-01-2006 2:27 am

The white kitchen decor is baffling. But I really like the DJ's orange hat.
- tom moody 9-01-2006 2:49 am

Nice drawing right!
Tokyo Big site is this:
Design Festa: Hhhhmmmm
you pay them and you get a kitchen the size you pay, and you can do anything with it. know here the huge billboard posters are sometimes still handpainted.
- brent (guest) 9-01-2006 6:55 am

Thanks, I updated the post. Why is it a kitchen? Are they using starving artists to plug kitchenwares?
- tom moody 9-01-2006 7:14 am

Ok, kitchen, Tom, was just following your words, sorry. To qualify: DFG is in Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, close by here. Tokyo Big site is a two-day event, the next this December, and at a different local.
It's a flat event in the T. Murakami's flat interpretation (probably the most honest words he ever spoke, which have been turned into a western, if not impossible interpretation of flat).

Usually students or visiting for the first time get a chance to show off what ever they do. There is no curation so it's a very uneven event but as FLAT has it, it is also a good place to visit, as a tourist with heart for lightness, screwball quick squeeze into the possible quirky every experession brought under the sun with it's spectrum, with always plenty of chances to see what tribal cliques, mostly usually still in college, are up to.
Hope that clears something up--but kitchen is good!
- brent (guest) 9-01-2006 3:29 pm

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