Oskar Fischinger is the late, great abstract animated filmmaker who started his career in Germany and wound up in Hollywood, influencing Disney's Fantasia and countless other works. His style could be described as Art Deco psychedelia, both trippy and very precise. Note to the Fischinger estate. You are not very smart for telling YouTube to remove Motion Study No. 1 from its database. See, there's this thing called "resolution," spelled R-E-S-O-L-U-T-I-O-N. When videos are copied in "low resolution" and presented in "smaller screen sizes" they are not exact copies. What they do is "whet the appetites" of "potential consumers" who will "buy" your videos, thus bringing you "money." This gosh darn consarned newfangled technology thing can really be your friend if you let it.

I ordered the Fischinger videotapes several years ago from Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, to my continuing delight. Rutberg is still offering them for sale, but now some of the works on the tapes are available on DVD from the Center for Visual Music. Here are the contents of that DVD. I have noted with asterisks which films are on the Rutberg tapes. Looks like 3 films are on the DVD that haven't been available before. That's worth 30 bucks, since you're also getting the other films at slightly better quality.

Study no. 6
Study no. 7*
Radio Dynamics
Motion Painting No. 1*
Wax Experiments**
Spiritual Constructions*
Walking from Munich to Berlin**
*Also on The Films of Oskar Fischinger Volume 1 (VHS), along with Muratti Gets in the Act and Study No. 8

**Also on The Films of Oskar Fischinger Volume 2 (VHS), along with Muratti Privat, Study No. 5, Study No. 9, Study No. 12, Composition in Blue, American March, Organic Fragment, Mutoscope Reels, and Muntz TV

According to the Fischinger website, CVM also released a VHS tape in 2004 with the following films: Spirals, Spiritual Constructions, Study 6, Liebesspiel, Radio Dynamics, and Motion Painting No. 1. Liebesspiel is the only piece that is neither on the Rutberg tapes or the DVD.

- tom moody 9-08-2006 3:16 am

what an incredibly demeaning and rude post. i used to think your blog was cool, but you're getting nasty and rude. i don't think you are very smart anymore
- anonymous (guest) 9-20-2006 12:18 pm

Demeaning to whom?
- tom moody 9-20-2006 5:37 pm

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