Secret Project Robot

Films and/or vids projected against a Williamsburg building exterior at Secret Project Robot. The one-day-only Monster Island Arts & Music Festival, on Sept. 16, was not notable for its sub-slacker gallery art but the moving images outside really popped.

Update: I found this email from Nick Hallett that explains a bit more about the projections: "NEXT SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16th: as part of the MONSTER ISLAND ARTS & MUSIC FESTIVAL, HARKNESS A/V is hosting its one year anniversary. MIGHTY ROBOT, BRADLEY EROS, SETH KIRBY, and TOM DEXTER will join visual forces atop the fortress of Monster Island (in Williamsburg at Metropolitan and Kent), throwing their images onto the giant gas tanks directly across the street. More info to come." Still waiting for that info, but the work looked great.

Update 2: In a subsequent email Hallett added "visiting guest artist: BORIS (from the MODUL8 team)" to the roster.

- tom moody 9-17-2006 10:24 pm

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