Below are three songs that I'm reposting because all were changed--fleshed out or tightened up--since I first put them up. I'm also listing the software and gear I used, to be ultimately self-indulgent. All were produced in Cubase SE.

"Un-tribal" [mp3 removed] Kontakt 2, Battery, Reaktor Subharmonic, self-sampled Vermona DRM MKII drum machine, Spektral Delay (malfunctioning), LinPlug Alpha

"Anthropos Essentia" [4.8 MB .mp3] Absynth, Spektral Delay, Kontakt 2, DRM MKII, Battery

"Hiphop Snares" [mp3 removed] Miscellaneous drum loops, Waves Enigma, Reaktor Carbon 2, FM7

- tom moody 9-28-2006 6:08 pm

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