Recommended: this music video titled "domain" [YouTube] by Guthrie Lonergan. On one level it's documenting people's dumb pictures of their workstations and home entertainment centers posted to the web, a veritable consumer orgy of "stuff we need to be happy." But the slide show of nerd nooks keeps being interrupted by a mysterious geometric map flying across a computer-generated ocean, while sad, eerie strings play on the soundtrack. What is this "virtual ocean"? Is it where the gamers meet? The afterlife? And where are all the gamers? None of these photos have people in them, just gear. Are they dead? The camera following the map is perpetually approaching some signpost in the middle of the ocean. Is that it--the answer? Abrupt cut to black.

- tom moody 10-26-2006 2:53 am

"nerd nooks" !
- mark 10-26-2006 6:15 am

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