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- tom moody 11-11-2006 7:59 am

gif pogs!
- j in jc (guest) 11-11-2006 4:57 pm

- bill 11-11-2006 5:32 pm

I changed the name of the post to "miscellaneous tondos" for the time being.
"Digital pogs" is Michael Bell-Smith's idea and he hasn't announced the page yet.
I am proud that some of these are in his pog collection but I kind of jumped the gun on the concept, blabbed it, etc.

- tom moody 11-11-2006 6:21 pm

pog is the low man on the collectible ladder. lower than beer cans, lower than glass insulators, lower than advertising drink glasses, lower than everything. congrats to mbs on recognizing a commodity that faint.
- bill 11-11-2006 6:28 pm

aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww! dog-pog!
- L.M. 11-11-2006 7:02 pm

what do you call a dyslexic illegitimate child of pat roberston circa 1993?

a kid who sits up all night and wonders if the Republican Party is god?
- j in jc (guest) 11-11-2006 11:57 pm

The Digital Pog Collection of Michael Bell-Smith has been launched.
- tom moody 11-21-2006 11:04 am

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