"Throbbing and Tinkling" [mp3 removed]

A "heavy" bass riff is dismantled in the sampler (that's the throbbing part) while a heavily delayed frequency modulated piano tinkles. A rav-y synth solo pops up in the middle and at the end. The piece has a horror-movie ambience but I consider it contemporary classical music, using tropes and textures from the club underground as building blocks.

Update: "Maximized" the sound with a mastering plug-in. It's still quiet relative to other tracks--I guess because it only has three instruments.

Update 2: Substituted a "maximized" version with better equalization. (Thx to JP)

- tom moody 11-18-2006 1:07 am

It freaked my dog out in parts of it, I didn't even have it turned up loud.
- Thor Johnson 11-20-2006 1:31 am

Thanks--I could see it having that effect--the synth solo is kind of yelp-y, come to think of it.
- tom moody 11-20-2006 9:50 am

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