Blogs and other linkage:

Jim Woodring's blog. How art should be--artists make art and post it, whoever likes it finds and consumes it. In this case, lovingly crafted, f*ed up surrealist drawing and painting by a master from the underground comix sphere.

Across the divide. Edward B. Rackley reporting from Africa, offering "critique from within the international aid industry [and] political commentary from a number of African countries." A recent post on the African-Chinese trade bonds intrigues.

Seminal, sub-nugatory New York band Neg-Fi composes theme song for this year's installment of La Superette, "where artists showcase original, handmade gifts including recycled accessories, multifunctional stuffed animals, artist publications, funky house wares, and homemade clothes, with a special focus on 'hacks,' the custom configuration of pre-existing hardware or software." Neg-Fi's contribution this year will be "a mini-cd EP packaged with a jar of homemade organic peanut butter."

Nasty Nets internet surfing club is a page I'm proud to be involved with (mostly with the occasional bad animated GIF)--a mix of discriminating smartass net-trolling and original art projects for the web, with an emphasis on askance looks at the popular web technologies bubbling up from Silicon Valley that help us live, love, communicate, and work better.

Mellon Writes Again. Web page of writer Mark Mellon, whose fiction spans a range of genres and who lists his credits thusly: "My work has appeared in Aberrations; Chasm; Gothic.Net; Terra Incognita; Anthrolations, the Magazine of Anthropomorphic Dramatic Fiction; the Irish magazine Albedo One; Black Satellite; City Morgue; Aoife’s Kiss; Zahir; Hadrosaur Tales; the English magazines Sutekh’s Gift and Premonitions; and Whispers From The Shattered Forum. A vampire story, Shtriga’s Kiss, has been published in chapbook form by Anxiety Publications. I have also written four novels, The Empire of the Green, Hammer and Skull, The Pirooters and Libertarian in Love (respectively a science fiction novel, a historical novel about World War II, a Western, and a contemporary satire), and a fantasy novella: Escape From Byzantium."

- tom moody 11-18-2006 8:01 pm