Digital Pog SmearDigital Pog Michael Bell-SmithDigital Pog Jeff Sisson
Digital Pog John Michael BolingDigital Pog - Paper RadDigital Pog - Matt Smear
Digital Pog - Michael Bell-SmithDigital Pog - Sarafina EngferDigital Pog John - Sarafina Engfer

Digital Pogs from the collection of Michael Bell-Smith. T to b, l to r: Matt Smear, Michael Bell-Smith, Jeff Sisson, John Michael Boling, Paper Rad, Matt Smear, Michael Bell-Smith, Sarafina Engfer (2). The ones below are all by me, except the blond "parade lady" which is my pog of a Thorrific photo.

Spacebloom PogMotivator Pog 2Splatter Pog
Thor Johnson Float Lady PogDigital Pog - OptiDisc 3Motivator Pog
Small OptiDiscChung Pogphonesampler

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- Thor Johnson 11-21-2006 10:06 pm

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